Industrial Top Coats

2 Pack Colour

High solids acrylic urethane 2:1
Highest quality oven work

Ideal for Automotive, Industrial & Furniture

Excellent colour and gloss retention

2 Pack CVI Finish

Medium solids acrylic urethane 4:1
Fast air dry
High Productivity
Ideal for Commercial vehicles, Industrial and Timber

2 Pack Iso Free Finish

Medium solids isocyanate free 3:1
Excellent durability and resistance to acids, alkalies, salt, oils and solvents
Outstanding outdoor weather resistance

2 Pack Polyurethane Finish

High Solids 3:1
Non yellowing
Outstanding chemical and abrasion resistance
Excellent gloss and colour retention

Rust Not

Single pack epoxy enamel
No primer needed on good surfaces
Brush, roller or spray
Durable, high gloss finish

Enamel Hardener

Improves gloss, hardness and chemical resistance
Increases speed of drying and curing
Improves durability

Rapid Dry Enamel

Very fast drying co-polymer alkyd base
Excellent adhesion
Good gloss
Use where speed of dry is important



QD Spray Enamel

A general purpose, quick drying alkyd
Excellent adhesion, good gloss, economical
Use on structural steel, machinery and maintenance



QD 601 Super Enamel

A high quality quick drying alkyd
High gloss, excellent durabilty, corrosion resistance and gloss retention
Better flow over large areas
Use on cranes, harvesters, tractors, truck bodies and large machinery

Auto Spray Enamel



Classical top of the range, premium quality
Excellent gloss, outstanding flow properties
Superb gloss retention and durability
Ideal for commercial transport, large machinery and equipment

Quick drying decorative hammered metal appearance
Tough, durable anti-corrosive
Excellent adhesion
Hides imperfections or rough surfaces


Fast drying, anti-corrosive silver zinc paint
Touch up coating for weld areas of galvanised products
Ideal for re-spraying damaged or aged galvanised structures



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