Industrial Primers

Structural 3240

Structural 3260

Structural 3245

Economical shop primer
Very fast drying
Zinc phosphate
Good corrosion resistance and adhesion



Premium quality
Very fast drying
Excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance
Excellent performance
Electrostatic spraying compatibility


2 in 1 Primer and Top Coat Gloss finish
Very fast drying zinc phosphate
Good build, anti-corrosive



Super Etch

Cold Gal
Flexi Prime
Single pack epoxy etch primer
Exceptional adhesion
Anti-corrosive Premium quality
Zinc rich epoxy primer
Heavy duty corrosion protection
Replaces galvinising
Spray, brush and roll
Adhesion primer for plastics
Fast dry, clear
For single pack and 2 Pack systems
Excellent adhesion for Top Coats


1K Spot Repair Primer
1K Primer
Primer Filler 4:1
Suitable under 2 Pack systems
Ideal for basecoat "rub thoughs" & "fry ups"
Fast drying
Easy to sand
No spray gun clean up

Suitable under 2 Pack systems
Ideal for wet on wet applications
Ideal as 1K new panel primer
Good etching properties
Excellent adhesion 

Very high build
Good colour holdout
Excellent adhesion 


Epoxy Primer 4:1
Iso-Free Primer-Isolator 4:1
Rapid Prime-Non Lift
Adhesion to aluminium, gal & steel
Excellent chemical resistance
Excellent corrosion resistance
Zinc phosphate epoxy primer
Fast cure to sanding time

Contains no Isocyanates
Excellent over problem substrates
Isolates old paint work
Easy to sand
Very high build
Lift resistant barrier coat
Suitable under 2 Pack Paints
Fast drying, excellent adhesion



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