Two Pack Miscellaneous


2K Accelerator

Reducer "dry time" and accelerates curing of 2 Pack Paints and 2 Pack Clears.

Plastic Cleaner & Anti-Static

Cleans all types of plastics.
Removes mould release from new parts.
Reduces static attraction of contaminants.


Suitable in 2 Pack, acrylic & enamel.
Reduces gloss level.

2K Prepwash

Formulated for 2 Pack work.
Removes silicone & contaminants.
Fast dry, no residue.


For blending of metallic & mica basecoats.
Trasparent adhesion promoter.
Can be used on unsanded new panels.

Optical FX

A special effect basecoat.
Colour changes based on the viewing angle.



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