Two Pack Primers


Primer Filler 4:1

Very High Build.
Good colour holdout.
Excellent adhesion.

Red Primer 4:1

Use over bare metal for vehicle restoration.
Use under polyester spray putty.
Use over nonferrous metals.

1K Primer

Suitable under 2 Pack systems.
Ideal for wet on wet applications.
Ideal as 1K new panel primer.
Good etching properties.
Excellent adhesion.


1K Spot Repair Primer

Suitable under 2 Pack systems.
Ideal for basecoat "rub throughs"
& "fry ups".
Fast drying.
Easy to sand.
No spray gun clean up.

Epoxy Primer 4:1

Adhesion to aluminium, gal & steel.
Excellent chemical resistance.
Excellent corrosion resistance.
Zinc phosphate epoxy primer.
Fast cure to sanding time.

Iso-Free Primer- Isolator 4:1

Contains no Isocyanates.
Excellent over problem substrates.
Isolates old paint work.
Easy to sand.
Very high build.



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